Southampton Summer Music - July 23 - 27, 2018
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Feedback from attendees/parents

June 2018 - We received the thank you note below from Emma who received a camp scholarship from the Canadian Big Band.

May 2018 - We received a hand written Thank You from an upcoming camper who is a scholarship recipient this year. The content is transcribed here.

Dear Southampton Summer Music;

Thank you so much for giving me a scholarship. I am very thankful that I can attend your camp. I was thinking about signing up for your camp before you gave me a scholarship! I am very grateful that I can improve my trumpet skills this summer! I look forward to attending your camp this summer.

Thank you so much, ER    PS Sorry this is so late.

[The note also included]

The ABCs of Music: Allegro, Bongos, Clarinet, Drums, Electric guitar, Forte, Guitar, Halves, Impressive, Jam, Key, Loud, Mezzo, Notes, Octave, Piano, Quarter, Rhythm, Songs, Trumpet, Unison, Violin, Woodwind, Xylophone, Yodelling, Zydeco.

[and a challenge to come up with your own list.]


From John R - December 2017

My wife J and I think that the Southampton Summer Music camp is the best of its kind anywhere. My niece (now 25) and her friend, both from London, were here at the camp when they were in Grade 10. My niece said that they learned more here in a week than they did in a year at school.

My son G comes here for two weeks every July from Ottawa with his 3 daughters. E is 16, N is 13, and S is 7. The girls began Music Camp as soon as they were old enough. G is very musical, plays the trombone, and encourages the girls in their musical pursuits.

E was at camp for 3 years taking flute. She took private lessons from Meryl for the three years, played in the Centurion Navy Cadet band in Ottawa, and now plays in her senior band in Kanata. She was not here in 2017 as she started a part time job.

S has been in camp for 2 years in the beginners’ programs. She wants to take up an instrument for next year, but not sure what. Maybe guitar.

N has been in the camp for 3 years. She was in the singing group the first year, and then decided that she wanted to play the trombone. Last year (2016) was her first year on the trombone. She was so nervous the first day, fearing that she would be the only one there with no experience. At the end of the day, she was exuberant with confidence and felt that she was just as good as everyone else. The instructors made her so welcome. She went home to Kanata and joined the grade 7 band at her school (Katimavik). She found that she knew so much more about playing the trombone than almost anyone else in the band, that she ended up helping others. Another confidence builder. This summer, N was back at the trombone. I gave her a 1 hour private lesson with Lauren Helmer both at the beginning and at the end of the camp. She had a great week, and continued to excel. When she returned to Kanata, she joined the grade 8 band. Her dad got her a private instructor to help with her skills. That instructor, who plays with the Ottawa symphony, recommended N to the leaders of the Ottawa Youth Orchestra. N was accepted to the OYO without an audition. She is the youngest member of the 90 person orchestra. N has been accepted by Canterbury Arts High School in Ottawa for Grade 9 next September.

I think that the success of my grandchildren, and hundreds of others, bears testament to the outstanding quality of the Summer Music camp. The dedication of the staff is a tribute to the camp’s success. The Board’s commitment to excellence is appreciated.

N and S will return next summer.


Scholarship Thank Yous 2017

From MP

Thank you very much for giving me the wonderful opportunity to participate in the Summer Music Program.

I am extremely excited to improve my flute playing skills by learning from your talented instructors. I am also thrilled to meet musicians with the same interests as my own.

Once again, I'd like to thank you for giving me this scolarship. I am exhilirated to be spending my week days at your camp.

Sincerely, M P

From a parent

Thank you for the "Ernie Duff Memorial Scolarship". Past students of Summer Music Camp and their parents all speak very highly of the program. So when my son was given the opportunity to attend, what a wonderful gift this experience will be. He is looking forward to the program.

Thank you so much  -- J J


From Nina - July, 2015

I wanted to share my appreciation for the fantastic choral program put on at this year's Summer Music.

This was my daughter's second year at Summer Music and her first in the Choral program. Suffice it to say, she loved it. Angela, accompanied by Laura and Diane, created a fantastic, positive environment which made for a fun, yet laid-back, week. To see the culmination of their work at the wrap up concert was heartwarming. Angela's enthusiasm as she introduced their segment and conducted them was infectious . . . it seemed the instructors were having as much fun as the kids.

I am so grateful to everyone involved with Summer Music, and particularly the choral program, for their efforts and energy. My daughter will be back for Summer Music 2016.

Kind regards,

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