Saugeen Shores Overture

Saugeen Shores and our surrounding communities support a thriving musical scene in all genres. Like all other performers, the COVID pandemic blacked out virtually all live music performances from March 2020 to mid-year in 2022.

Many of our local musicians who come to Summer Music every year were looking for a way to give our community a small bit of that music back. As such, the musicians who come together every year in July instead came together, from afar, to make music.

The Festival Winds Concert Band consists of many of our local current and retired Bluewater District School Board music teachers, students from our award winning local music programs, community players, members of the Canadian Armed Forces and nationally renowned musicians from the Toronto and international music scenes among others. All of these players came together to record—from their homes—Saugeen Shores Overture, by David Eastmond. This piece was commissioned by the Summer Music Society for Summer Music’s 30th anniversary in 2017. It embodies the beauty of the rolling fields, bustling towns and panoramic sunsets of Saugeen Shores through music. We felt there was no better piece to come together and perform.

We want to share our music with the community in the hopes that it would bring a smile to the ears of those we normally see every year as campers or members of our in our audiences. Grab a pair of headphones or listen on the best stereo in your house to this beautiful piece of music. You can find the video here on YouTube .

Summer Music Camp is back in 2022 July 18 to 22nd. Check out the Summer Music Camp Public Events page for more information