Job Description for Tots & Tunes Assistants

Participant group: Children ages 4 & 5 years

Goals: To assist instructors in implementation of their music program.

Activities and tasks: Working with 4 & 5 year old children with musical instruments as directed by teacher; helping with craft activities.

Outline of responsibilities: assisting to set up instruments; assist with craft activities; assisting with lining children up in particular formations; assist with washroom visits.

Time commitment expected: Classes run from 9:00 to 12 noon. Arrive at SDSS at 8:30 on Monday July 18th 

Boundaries and limitations: All instruction will be given by teaching staff.

Skills, experience and qualifications required:

Personal traits and qualities needed: Ability follow direction of teaching staff; to manage tots; to assist children in washroom necessaries

Working conditions (e.g. non-smoking environment): You will be working indoors at SDSS

Benefits to the volunteer: Enjoy the delight of watching children 4 & 5 years old create and enjoy a musical experience. You will experience positive interaction with the office staff, Board of Directors, Faculty and students of Summer Music.